Jana Duggar

Jana Duggar

Blue (Jana)
Cutting a watermelon (Jana Marie Duggar)
Driving (Jana Marie Duggar)
Grinning (Jana Marie Duggar)
Harp (Jana Marie Duggar)
Her and her sister (Jana Marie Duggar)
Marie (Jana Duggar)

Jana Marie Duggar was born on the 12th of January 1990, and is 25 years old. She is the twin sister of John-David Duggar. She has 8 sisters and 10 brothers, and also a niece and a nephew. She's the second child of the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their first daughter.

Relatioships with family (close members)Edit

JANA AND MICHELLE- Jana and her mother have a typical mother-daughter realationship but since Jana is here eldest girl she treats Jana more maturley. 

JANA AND JIM-BOB- Jana and her father have a sweet realationship Jana is like "daddys little girl" he treats her with respect and they get a long great.

JANA AND JOSH- Josh and Jana were always very close because growing up it was only Jana, Josh and John-David so they have always been the 2 oldest and most mature.

JANA AND JOHN-DAVID- Jana and John-David are twins they have always been so close they have a very special bond they love eachother very much.

JANA AND JILL- Jana is Jill's oldest sister they have always been so close because Jill was Jana's first baby sister so they have always had a bond.

JANA AND JESSA- Jana and Jessa have always been so close Jana is closest to Jessa when it comes to the girls those two are bffs.

JANA AND JINGER- Jana and Jinger are also very close they stick together a lot and have a lot of the same interest and they are super close.

JANA AND JOY-ANNA- Jana and Joy Anna have always been close sister they love eachother and always stick together.

JANA AND JOSIE- Jana and her baby sister Josie have always had a very cute relationship when Michelle gets to busy to take care of Josie Jana is like her 2nd mother. 

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Write the second section of your page here. She inspires those who wait on the Lord- all the Duggars are my favs- I've loved the Walton's for years- now I love the Duggars and their principals- there are many who feel the modest and Godly lifestyle- Glory be to God-